Using a Conan Recipe (the basics)

1 minute read

I’m using Simple Web Server for a project and I wanted a way to pull the library down via Conan. I found a recipe for the library a couple months ago but was still unsure of how to use it. If I couldn’t find the library being hosted in an existing repo, how exactly do I use the recipe such that I can host the resource in my own repo? I had done this multiple times before but it was always a bastardization of the process and it was always something I had to figure out through trial and error.

Well here are the steps I used in order to use the existing recipe in my own bintray repo. I put this here as much as a note to myself as a guide to anyone else looking.

Before I get started I want to mention that these steps assume you already have a repo on bintray and that you’ve already authenticated your repo on your machine so that you can push to it (like I talked about here).

The first thing I did was fork the recipe so I could update it to the latest version of the library. My fork can be found here. After cloning and updating the library’s version number I was ready to start.

One I pulled the recipe and changed into its folder, I used the recipe to pull the library’s source: conan source .

Then I “installed” the package: conan install .

Next I was ready to package everything together: conan package .

Now I was ready to install the package locally: conan export-pkg . Simple-Web-Server/v3.1.1@owl/stable

Finally, I was ready to upload the package to my repo: conan upload Simple-Web-Server/v3.1.1@owl/stable -r owl --all